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WCS 1 C / D

WCS 1 C / D

Chairman / Delegate Unit

The OSL WCS 1 C/D chairman & delegate units has 4 types of operation modes. The chair unit has additional control options such as vote initiation, master mute, accepting applications and more. Both units have 3 voting keys with results displayed on the LED screen on the unit. The units have a gooseneck condensor microphone for high resolution sound input. It also has a 3.5mm headphone output & a TRS jack micrphone input to connect external microphones.

Critical Performance Indicators

Earphone load

>16 Ω

Earphone volume

10 mV

Earphone output

φ 3.5mm stereo jack

Max. power consumption


Microphone Type

Uni-directional electret
condenser microphone


7P-DIN dedicated cable with buckle

Output frequency response


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