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1. Think inside the box


Since the very beginning, Oliver Labs' research was based on realism. One of the problems plaguing the research fraternity we believed, was that everyone was chasing a revolutionary concept ignoring the step-by-step advancements. We were also chasing a novel idea, but with a different approach. We believed the foundations of developmental research is to move step-by-step, building a bridge between existing knowledge and the intended development or breakthrough rather than looking for shorter paths based on minimal effort. It was this simple powerful research philosophy that differentiated our work and pushed us atop the research ladder.

2. Physics, not electronics

At the core of our selection of the subject of diaphragms, was our appreciation of physics. We always remarked that to achieve better results - the knowledge & development of physical elements must be improved. We believe electronic processing plays a mere correctionary role. Based on this ideology, we conducted many research programmes on subjects like the use of PET diaphragms, the power of magnets and the construction of waveguides to correct natural HF peaks. All of these are at the foundation of the systems created by OSL today

3. Natural. Not Good nor Bad.

Back in the day, a lot of research was being focused on making equipment and people sound good. The advancements in recording technologies bought with them a series of products that would alter natural voice with the intention of making them sound more appealing. For us, this ideology was flawed to base research or product development on, largely because of the inconsistencies of such products on a diverse source set. We believed that the idea of research was to achieve Natural Reproduction. Natural – Not Good, nor bad.

Theses principles are the foundation stone for our Manufacturing

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