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Oliver Labs

Our first steps in diaphragm research

After setting up in Glasgow, we moved Oliver labs offshore to New York - the capital of diaphragms, where we continued our research & further scaled up the laboratory. We teamed up with the best researchers to further assess the medical applications of diaphragms. Our team provided research input to leading American Medical Companies acting as an independent research consultation organisation. Our work also resulted in ...

Design Principles

3 simple, yet powerful ideas!

​All our products inherit their thought from 3 simple principles. These principles act as a guiding light for not only our products, but our research too

  1. Think inside the box

  2. Physics, not electronics

  3. Natural. Not good, nor bad



Completing the journey from paper to product

In 2014, We agreed to set-up the production facility of Oliver Systems Limited . Our factory has marked areas for manufacturing diaphragms, transducers, PCB’s, & electronic equipment. Cabinet assembly was outsourced to the neighboring factories and continues to be so. Oliver Systems Limited remains a research focused company aiming to leverage the worlds leading technologies to create problem solving systems. We have three registered offices across the globe – in ...

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