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From Glasgow, we moved Oliver labs offshore to New York - the capital of diaphragms, where we continued our research . We teamed up with the best researchers who were already working with leading American Medical companies , to further assess the medical applications of diaphragms.  Our work also resulted in an invitation from institutions to study the ill-effects of sound pressure in a zero-gravity environment and possible ways to reduce them. It was then that we set our first vision – A diaphragm-based device, that one could wear comfortably, forever.


We shifted our main focus to Diaphragms and their acoustic implications on the human brain.  We continued our research in the field of diaphragms and were approached by many leading automobile manufacturers & medical development firms for our consultation into this subject. 


In 2002, we received our first consultation contract by a microphone manufacturer to develop a diaphragm for consistent pick-up pattern. Soon, Oliver Labs became a known consultant to the world’s leading entertainment - acoustic companies for their specialisation in diaphragms. In 2005, for another such research consultation project, Oliver Labs upgraded their set-up under a new banner – Oliver Sound Labs.


To further our research and bring our research closer to people, we decided to manufacture products in the entertainment acoustics industry. Having expertise in the physical design and alignment of diaphragms, we also recruited a team consisting of experts in the digital processing & electronics fields for the project. We began assessing our options for Manufacturing.

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