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Pro PlayX

Hybrid Wireless In-Ear Reference Pods & Multi-communication system

The Pro Play X is a truly versatile multicommunication system. It's hybrid wired + wireless connectivity allows it to be used as a talk back system as well as a referenced input system for clasrooms. The pods which wirelessly connect to the case is in turn connected via a mini-jack cable on to the main system. This hybrid approach enhances flexibility and makes the ProPlayX suitable for diverse applications such as classrooms, factory floors, hospitals etc.

Critical Performance Indicators


Omnidirectional, MicroElectrical-Mechanical System (MEMS)


Wired HQ connection, Bluetooth 5.0

Battery Information

2 x 50mAh. Lasts up to 5 hours play time

Charging time

2 Hours

Driver Size



Passive Noise Isolation


20 Hz - 20 kHZ

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