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Pro 1P

Pro Series Multi-frequency Wireless Bodypack Transmitter

The OSL Pro 1L is the wireless bodypack transmitter that can be paired with the Pro 4 receiver for an easy and reliable wireless transmission. The bodypack is sleek and has a professional aesthetic design which can be clipped on the performer for a powerful yet discreet performance.

Critical Performance Indicators

Frequency Range

20 Hz - 20 kHz

RF Range

75m, Line of Sight

RF Output

Max. 10 mW

Frequency Bands

GB: A- 610 MHz, B- 625 MHz, C- 645 MHz
E: A- 863MHz, B- 840 MHz, C- 823 MHz

Power Supply

2 AA batteries, 1.5 V

Operation Time

6.5 Hours


Bodypack Transmitter

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