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Go Music Reciever

Go Music Multi-frequency Reciever

The OSL Go Music Receiver is designed to be small enough to fit in your instrument case or travel bags with ease. Built for musicians, the setup is quick and easy with the antenna’s prefixed onto the system. The Go Music Receiver is powered by a standard 12V power supply or for even quicker and more portable setups can be power by AA batteries. It offers 16 channels of simultaneous use and syncs with the Go Music transmitters via infrared. The receiver is perfect for musicians who demand highest quality from user friendly products

Critical Performance Indicators

Operating Channels

16 Channels Simultaneous Use

Frequency Selection

Auto Selection with IR Sync

Frequency Bands

C: 734 - 776 MHz;
GB: 606 – 648 MHz;
E: 823 – 865 MHz;
D: 780 - 822 MHz

Frequency Range

20 Hz - 20 kHz

Power Supply

DC12V-18V / 500mA or 2 AA batteries, 1.5 V


Wideband FM

Diversity Principle

True Diversity

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