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Go Meet

Wireless Mobile Interview System with Active Noise Reduction

The OSL GO Meet is a mobile interview system allowing incredible ease & flexibility while recording podcasts, live streams or interviews on the go. Its mobile receiver fits into any camera, mobile phone or recording device for an easy wireless experience. The transmitters are cardioid, dynamic microphones and tuned to improve vocal range performance while actively filtering out background noise.

Critical Performance Indicators

Transmitter Type

Cardioid (Uni-Directional)

RF Range

10m, Line of Sight

RF Output

Max 10 mV

Active Filter

Active Background Noise Filtering

Diversity Principle



Wideband FM

System Components

2 x OS H - Handheld Wireless Transmitters
1 x Go Meet Mobile Receiver
2 x Anti-roll Mic Clips
Charging & Split Cable Test
Rugged ABS Travel Case

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