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Window Intercom System

The OSL Communicator is our simple commercial two-way window intercom system, with a condensor microphone mounted on a host control unit and the customer unit. Both units have 5W full-range speakers for clear sound transmission. The communicator is suited for commercial applications such as banks, transport stations, official institutions and more

Critical Performance Indicators

Microphone Element

Electret Condenser in both the units

Auto Mute Mode

Enables after 30 seconds

Power Requirement

AC: 220-240V, 50/60Hz


AC Fuse 1 × 0.5A


Self adhesive hard-lock tape for the external unit.


1 No. of fuse 0.5A, 2 Nos. of M4 moulded screws, 4.5m of interconnecting cable for Customer unit


2W (Max.) in each amplifier

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