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Dual channel true diversity receiver

The OSL Q500 series offers users upto 16 simultaneous operating channels, over a PLL synthesized circuit and anti-interference support. The Q500.2R True-Diversity dual channel receiver comes in a 19" rack size and can be mounted using the rack mount accessory. The RF range for the receiver is 100m (Line of Sight)

Critical Performance Indicators

Operating Channels

16 Channels Simultaneous Use

Frequency Selection

Auto Selection with IR Sync

Frequency Bands

C: 734 - 776 MHz;
GB: 606 – 648 MHz;
E: 823 – 865 MHz;
D: 780 - 822 MHz

Frequency Range

20 Hz - 20 kHz

Power Supply

DC12V-18V / 500mA


Wideband FM

Diversity Principle

True Diversity

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