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OS B4R.2

Blue Series Multi-frequency 2 Ch Wireless Receiver

The OSL OS B4R.2 is a 2 channel UHF receiver with 8 simultaneous operating channels and a RF range of 80m. The IR Synchronisation feature allows quick sync to transmitters. The front panel has a simple and practical RF and AF signal strength indicator. The unit fits in a standard semi-U chassis with the rack mount kit.

Critical Performance Indicators

Frequency Range

8 Channels Simultaneous Use

Frequency Selection

Auto Selection with IR Sync

Frequency Bands

GB: 606 – 648 MHz;
E: 823 – 865 MHz

Frequency Range

40 Hz - 20 kHz

Power Supply

DC12V-18V / 500mA


Wideband FM

Diversity Principle

True Diversity

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