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CX 24.4

24 Channel Live Mixing Frame

The OSL CX 24.4 is dubbed as the musicians mixer. It has enhanced flexibility with Wireless and USB inputs, 100 mm faders, 4 aux outputs and a precise FX engine. OSL has developed custom preamps to deliver a linear frequency response. The mixing frames are robust & tour ready, yet delicate enough to fit into installations. The mixer also houses our stereo recording USB chipset for reliable & easy recording in studio or live environments.

Critical Performance Indicators

Aux Channels





- 128.5 dBu

Main Mix

- 87 dBu


1khz 15 dB gain , 20 Hz - 20Khz bandwidth

Frequency repsonse

20Hz to 50 Khz

Input Channels

24 (20 mic + 2 stereo inputs)
Wireless & USB Playback Channel

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