Communicator Pro

Touchpad Window Intercom System

The OSL Communicator Pro Touchpad Window Intercom System provides support for clear communications when speech is impaired by the use of glass, a security screen, or other counter security systems.The Communicator Pro is an internal and external window intercom handset equipped with a powerful input interface, communication interface and a recording output port to realize digitalised intercom.

Critical Performance Indicators

Microphone Element

Electret Condenser in both the units

Auto Mute Mode

Enables after 30 seconds

Power Requirement

AC: 220-240V, 50/60Hz


AC Fuse 1 × 0.5A


Self adhesive hard-lock tape for the external unit.


1 No. of fuse 0.5A, 2 Nos. of M4 moulded screws, 4.5m of interconnecting cable for Customer unit


2W (Max.) in each amplifier